Why is SAP Concur the Best?

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With the use of a cloud-based software system, SAP Concur offers a range of features and tools that really help organizations or companies manage travel processes, record and report expenses, and also automate invoice approval.

That said, SAP Concur has become one of the world’s leading brands for integrated travel, expense, and invoice management. Of course, there are some reasons why many organizations or companies prefer to use SAP Concur for their travel and expense management. Okay, here’s everything you can know about it!

Reasons Why SAP Concur is the Best

Various industries and businesses of all sizes have used SAP Concur with the aim of reducing administrative burden, controlling costs, gaining better visibility into their financial data, and increasing policy compliance.

SAP Concur the Best

It is known that SAP offers a range of great features and tools that work to simplify the management of business travel expenses while remaining in compliance with company policies and regulatory requirements.

With the integration of real-time data and the use of AI, organizations and companies that are using SAP Concur can easily analyze transactions, track what they’re spending, and avoid potential budget shortfalls.

Designed to provide transparency so users can see every detail of every transaction, they can really connect the different pieces and partners of their expense ecosystem. They can also integrate travel spend, ERP, accounting, and card data into a single, cloud-based, and mobile system that can manage the entire expense process, from spend requests to reconciliation.

Here are reasons why SAP Concur is the best solution for managing travel and expenses:

1. The availability of great features on its system

You need to know that SAP Concur offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools covering various aspects of travel and expense management. These definitely help companies or organizations simplify their processes, from travel booking to managing an itinerary to reporting expenses and reimbursement. With the end-to-end solution, it really simplifies and automates very complex tasks, saves time, and reduces manual errors.

2. The use of a user-friendly interface

The user-friendly interface allows the users to easily navigate and complete their tasks efficiently. With the availability of SAP Concur in the mobile app, users can manage their travel and expenses wherever they are.

3. Integration capabilities

With the capability of integration, it allows seamless data flow, eliminates the need for manual date entry, and reduces the possibility of errors. In addition, it also provides a unified view of financial data and increases reporting and analysis capabilities.

4. Powerful insights

SAP Concur offers great reporting and analytics capabilities to give organizations valuable insights into their travel and expense data. The insights definitely help identify potential cost-saving opportunities, identify spending patterns, and also make informed decisions. The real-time data visibility and customizable dashboard can effectively monitor and manage their travel and expense processes.

5. Industry leadership

There is no doubt that SAP Concur has become a leader in the travel and expense management industry. Since they started operating, they have already established a good reputation, an extensive customer base, and a long history of delivering reliable and innovative solutions. It is no wonder that many organizations make it a trusted choice due to its expertise and experience in the field.

6. Broad Reach and Scalability

SAP Concur supports multiple languages, tax regulations, and currencies, making it a global solution to serve organizations of all sizes abroad. With its scalability, it can really adapt to evolving business needs and accommodate the growing needs of the organization.

7. Implementation of compliance and policy control

The implementation of compliance and policy control includes built-in policy checks and approvals to ensure that spending aligns with company guidelines. It actually allows companies or organizations to effectively apply travel and expense policies. The great features within actually help control costs, improve compliance with regulatory requirements, and prevent fraudulent activity.

Well, those are some reasons why SAP Concur is the best solution to manage your travel and control your company expenses.

What Do People Say About SAP Concur?

According to the reviews from people who have worked with SAP Concur, the system has helped them to simplify their travel process and manage their expenses. Well, it is no wonder that many people give positive reviews of SAP Concur.

You can see their reviews of SAP Concur on G2, TrustRadius, Capterra, and GetApp, and it gains a 4-star rating on each, meaning it has a good value that is close to perfect. Okay, the following is what people say about SAP Concur on all of the platforms:

  • It allows people to get better tracking and management of employee claims and reimbursements than manual processes.
  • With a user-friendly interface and navigation, users can easily upload and choose different categories that they have to assign the receipt to.
  • It provides customizable features to suit people’s needs accordingly.
  • With greater visibility, you can easily detect expense errors and make more informed decisions.
  • It becomes a reliable source for good data collection and analysis.
  • It can automatically process expense approval for a faster, more enjoyable user experience.
  • SAP Concur has been working with pharmaceutical companies since it can help with compliance with the Sunshine Act.
  • The module available on the system is already easy-to-use, making it easier for users to quickly create and submit expense reports.
  • The system has the capability to store multiple transactions under one report.
  • It makes it easier for people to book all travel, including hotels, flights, rental cars, and other transportation.
  • The SAP Concur mobile app makes it easy for users to report expenses wherever they are.
  • The integration capability can allow people to establish and customize the extraction of data to then ingest into other software.
  • The system is very intuitive and flexible; it can be connected to other systems, and it is working quite well.
  • It actually allows organizations to create and manage spending policies to ensure compliance and risk management.
  • The system of SAP Concur absolutely keeps all of the users invoices in one place, so the data will be safe.
  • With a great deal of customization options, it enables users to make it quick and easy to simplify their expense management.

Of course, there are still so many reviews from people regarding the service of SAP Concur. In this case, however, we can only show you some of them. For more reviews, you can check them out on the platforms that we’ve mentioned above.

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