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Do you want to root your phone? Well, before you decide to root your phone, it is recommended for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of rooting phone. What are they? If you want to root your phone, the advantages that you will get are:

  • You will have an ability to install custom ROM.
  • Rooting can remove pre-installed OEM.
  • There will be ad-blocking for all apps.
  •  You can install incompatible apps.
  • There will be more display options and internal storage.
  •  You will have the greater battery life and speed as well.
  • You will make full device backups.
  • You will have access to root files.
  •  There will be CPU clocking.
  • You can configure and optimize your device for a customized feel and for better performance.

Then, how about disadvantages of rooting phone?

  • It is able to brick your device.
  • There will be no more warranty.
  • There will be root and super user access.
  • There will be tweaking risks.
  • There will be update problems.

Now, you have known the advantages and disadvantages of rooting your phone. If you have understand and you are ready with the consequences, you can root your phone now. Well, what is your device? Do you use Ellipsis 7? If so and you want to root your device, then you can try Kingroot app. How to do that? First, you have to download and install Kingroot app. Then, open Kingroot app.

Run this app and you will see there is Root button. Now, hit “Try To Root” to begin the rooting process. Then, wait until the process done. You have to make sure that your internet is on and in a good connection. After that, you will see a green checkmark. It signifies that the rooting process has been done. Now, you need to reboot your device to make it more stable.

Then, you will see KingUser app installed on your device that will give you root access and an indication that you have successfully rooted your device. If you are not successful in rooting your device with this app, then you can try another app. Actually, we do not know whether Kingroot can root Ellipsis 7 or not. However, people usually root their Ellipsis 7 by using Framaroot app.

If you want to try using Framaroot app, you can download and install it in your device first. Then, open the app. In Framaroot app, you have to tap on install superuser or super SU of your device. You will be able to see some rooting methods. Then, tap on any of available rooting method. Now, wait for the process until it is done. Then, you will see Framaroot Success message. After that, you can restart your Verizon Ellipsis 7. If the Super Su app exists on your app menu on your device, it means that you have successfully rooted your device. Before you root your device, make sure that the battery is at least 70% and enable installation of 3rd party apps on your device. 

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