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WPS Connect is an application which will try to connect Wi-Fi with active WPS protocol. However, it can be done with a permission from the owner of network. The aim of WPS Connect is to check whether a certain router is vulnerable to PIN by default. There are a lot of routers which is installed by internet service providers and it has vulnerabilities. With WPS Connect, you are able to check if your own router is vulnerable and then you can change the appropriate password.

It is important to know that to use WPS Connect you need a rooted device. WPS Connect is a tool which is very useful to check whether your router password is completely secure. Even though it is clear that this app also has other uses. To use this app, you need an android 4.0 or more. Then, you probably wonder how to set up WPS Connect. The first thing that you have to do is to root your phone. How to do that? Follow the instructions below.

  1. First, you have to download KingRoot. It is a rooting app that you can download in Google Play or any other links that you can find in the internet.
  2. After you download KingRoot, open it and click mystery button and wait.
  3. After that, if you see a green check, you root your phone. But, if you do not see the green check, you have to make sure that you are connected to internet and keep trying. After that, the KingRoot app may ask you to install kinguser to take control of root permissions. For your information, King User is like Super SU.
  4. Now, download WPS Connect from Play Store.
  5. Then, open it and it will ask for a root permission. You just have to click “allow”.
  6. After that, you have to click on the refresh icon up you should be able to see some wifi to hack. Then, click on the wifi that you want to hack, select a pin and the wait.

You have to note that it would not hack 100% the wifi that you want. There areĀ  some things that you are able to do to get more connections. What are those? First, you can drive with your car near your house. So, you are able to locate more wifi routers. Second, you are able to try to hack every single one of them, try different wps pins. Third, if you connect to one, go for another.

In the steps of hacking wifi above, it is said that you have to root your phone using KingRoot. Do you know that you will get a lot of benefits by downloading and rooting your phone using that app? It can remove pre-installed OEM apps, it will block ads for all apps, it will install incompatible apps, you will get more display options and internal storage, your battery life and the speed will be greater, it will make full device backups, you can access to root files, and more tweaking.

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