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If your smartphone is Cherry Mobile, you are able to root it by using KingRoot. KingRoot is a one-click apk tool for rooting which only need android device and internet connection. By using this app, you do not need to have any third party recovery apps, computer or softwares.

By the existence of this app, rooting Cherry Mobile phones now becomes easier compared before. To root your Cherry Mobile phone, you do not need to follow the steps which are complicated and take a risk. By using KingRoot, you are able to unlock the full potential of your android device to unlimited possibilities in just few easy simple steps.

There are several reasons why you have to root your android your phone. First, you can speed up the performance of your android. Second, you can save device battery for longer usage. Third, you are able to have a total control over your device. Fourth, you are able to use applications which need a root access. Fifth, you will be able to customize system behaviour like icons, battery warning, and more. Sixth, you have the ability to uninstall bloatwares pre-installed by your phone. Seventh, you can flash and apply different tweaks like custom ROM. Eighth, you are able to omit ads which makes your internet browsing faster. After you know the reasons of why you have to root your phone, now you probably want to know how to root your Cherry Mobile. The things that you need are Cherry Mobile phone, internet connectivity, downloading the latest KingRoot APK, and the battery of your phone must not be below 15%. Then, how to root? Follow the steps below.

  • After you prepare the things that mentioned above, the first thing that you have to do is to download and install KingRoot.
  • If the download is completed, then click on the drop-down notification bar to proceed the installation.
  • After that, open the KingRoot app from your application drawer.
  • Now, you have to tap “Try it” or “Try to root” or “Purify” to get access to the main interface.
  • Then, tap “Get Now” or the center circle button which contains a word “Root” to begin the rooting process.
  • After tapping that, you need to wait for the process to complete and then tap “Optimize”.
  • If the process of implementation is completed and finished, you will see a successful message and will be returned to the main screen and then then Rooting is finished.
  • Now, you need to reboot your device.
  • After that, download Root Checker on Google Play Store to see the Root is successful.
  • Now, you can enjoy your rooted Cherry Mobile phone.

If you want to free up some space, you are able to open KingRoot and then use Uninstall Tool. Then, remove bloatware apps which is included by Cherry Mobile phone like Cherry Play and Cherry Fun Club. You are able to root your Cherry Mobile phone now by following the steps above. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully.

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