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If you are an Android user, sometimes you may need an apk. But the question is, what apk do you want to install on your android? Is it an apk that you are able to use to root your android device easily? If you need this kind of apk, it means that you need Kingroot Apk.

Kingroot is one of the best root tools that you are able to use for all devices. It is good for you who feel lazy to do several things just for getting root access without having to flash any third party recovery into your device. This tool is popular in China so that you do not have to doubt if you want to use this tool. Even now, it is released in English version so that it will be easier to use for everyone.

What is root actually? It is the process of infiltration to get access, use, change commands, files, folders and more in the system of the Android OS. Usually, manufacturers will block this kind of access to prevent users from causing errors or controlling your device. It will serve the different jobs of the manufacturer like hardware, warranty and software upgrades. So, the process of rooting can be useful for you with the purpose of discovery or use your phone with demand which is higher.

If you want to download Kingroot Beta Apk, one of the sources that you are able to visit is In this blog, you will be able to find Kingroot Beta V4.1.9 APK. If you want to download it, you just simply have to click on the Download Again button. But, if you see the Install Blocked prompt when you try to install it, you have to click on Settings and then check Unknown Sources in Security section. If your download is failed, you are able to try to click on the Download Again button.

The use of this apk is very easy because to root your device, you just need to click once on the Root button in the tool. So, it is best for your device and the fastest way to root your android. Also, it is free so you do not have to pay for anything and even it is often mentioned as the king of all rooting tools used in phone rooting.

Before you decide to root your android, it is better for you to know some disadvantages from this action so that you will be ready for it.

  • After you root your android, some applications will not work. Some of them may be finance and banking.
  • Your device will lose the ability to update the software from your phone automatically. Usually, you update everything on your device via OTA, but if you root your device, the update is almost none. So, it means that you will lose the warranty of the device if it is still in warranty period.
  • Security issues will be reduced. You have to learn how to avoid traps on the internet since there are irresponsible people who may want to access and steal your device information.
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