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How to root Chromebook? Can you root Chromebook by using Kingo Root? As we know that Kingo Root is only for Android system and there is no Android operating system on Chrome OS. So you are going to never get Android root access. However, you do not worry about that because you are able to get Develover Mode access for Chrome OS. This is an alternative root for your Chromebook. Although Kingo Root is specially designed only for Android devices, but you still can root your Chromebook. In this time, we suggest you to understand firstly about Develover Mode in getting the full root access.

In this case, you are going to need to enable Developer Mode on your Chromebook. To get to the recovery menu and enable developer mode on your Chromebook:

  1. Firstly, you have to back up your files. You should remember that changing to Developer Mode is going to erase all of your files and settings.
  2. Then, you have to press the Escape and Refresh keys and hold them down and tap the power button.
  3. Once you reboot to the Recovery, your screen is going to tell you “Chrome OS is missing or damaged.” For this case, you do not worry because you manually entered Recovery and nothing is missing or damaged.
  4. After that, you have to press Control + D and read the screen. It is going to say “To turn OS Verification OFF, please press ENTER. This step is going to enable Developer mode.
  5. Now, your Chromebook is going to reboot and wipe the system. Usually, it takes up to ten minutes.

By enabling Develover Mode, then you are able to get full root access. Chromebooks is able to be the great computers on your own, but sometimes it is going to more interesting when you are able to try new things. If you need more information related root Chromebook, you are able to read other article in our website because in the last time we ever discuss about the way to root Chromebook. We are able to say that there are two things which you should understand before rooting your Chromebook.  As mentioned before that its is enabling and disabling the Developer Mode that is going to wipe the Chromebook. Do not forget that the Chromebook is going to be “powerwashed” as part of enabling process. For the user accounts and the files are going to be removed from the Chromebook. In this case, we suggest you to save your data online, so that you are able to log freely into the Chromebook with the same Google account. The second thing which you shoul dunderstand is Google does not offer support for Developer Mode. It is intended for the developers and the power users. We get information that Google will not provide support for this one. However, you still have to disable Developer Mode before getting the warranty support if you experience the hardware failure in Developer Mode.

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