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After rooting your device by using Kingo Root, have you ever get experience that your screen went black? This is able to be cause that your device does not root successfully. Talk about this, we remind about our reader who ask us about that problem. He said that after he roots his Android device by using Kingo Root, suddenly his phone went black. Actually, what are make a rooting process failed? Well, at the moment, in this article, we are going to talk about that.

You have to know that generally there are two reasons which make root failed with Kingo Root. Those two reasons are there is no available exploit for your Android device. We get information that Android version above 5.1 is not supported by Kingo Root for now. The second reason is because the Bootloader is locked by manufacturer. In this case, if the Bootloader is locked, so Kingo Root has not ability to root your Android device.

Actually, this problem often occurs to any people who do not understand about rooting and do not consider whether their device is support to root by Kingo Root or not. If you get problem root failed with Kingo Root or your Android device does not root successfully, here are some suggestions for you:

  1. The first what should you do is you have to wait and stay tuned with Kingo Root update. Then, you are able to try it out with every new version released.
  2. You have to ensure that the Bootloader is unlocked. If you get that the Bootloader is locked by manufacturer, so please unlock your Bootloader and try again.
  3. We suggest you to looking for the information about how to root as suit as your device model. You are able to find some resolution manually. For note: Be carefully once it need flash a custom recovery.

Kingo Root Black Screen sometime occurs because you have already downloaded Kingo Root from untrusted sources. For this case, we remind you again to do not download Kingo Root from trusted sources such as from the official website of Kingo Root. This is to prevent of things which does not wanted.

When you get your black screen after root by Kingo Root, actually you do not worry about this because this is able to be solved. You are able also to wait for a few minutes after rooting process. Then, you are able to try to restart your Android device. After restart, looks it whether your Android device is fine or not. We also ever heard that there is someone who get black screen on your device after he root his phone, then he waited a few minutes. He restarted his phone and everything started working again. If you still confuse about this and you need more information related Kingo Root black screen, so you are able to read other article in our website to get its information. Or you are able also to search from other sources.

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