Is SAP Concur Worth It?

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A company may need a solution that has the ability to manage its expenses. SAP Concur can be a solution because it is an expense management software which is designed to simplify and automate the report of expense and the process of reimbursement for a business. This software has a number of features such as receipt capture, policy compliance checks, expense categorization, and integration with accounting systems.

Is it worth it to use SAP Concur? If we talk about whether it is worth it or not, the answer can be yes or no. It is because it depends on whether your company truly needs it or not. It depends on the company’s specific requirements, budget, and the potential benefits that this software can bring to the company’s expense management processes.

SAP Concur Reviews

To know whether SAP Concur is worth it for your company or not, you are able to read about the benefits of this software and also reviews from other users.

Benefits of SAP Concur

As explained on the GetApp site, SAP concur has a number of benefits as you can read below.

  • SAP Concur offers data capture. In one system, the things such as expense, TMC, invoice, and credit card data are combined and also data from receipt images and travel companies with credit card data are matched so that it can make expense reporting accurate.
  • This software supports a number of currencies and languages. The exchange rate of currency, VAT/GST/HST/FBT, and car-mileage allowances are calculated automatically.
  • A gamification approach is used by Concur TripLink. It is done to reward and recognize employee efforts to keep travel expenses down.
  • It has Concur Messaging feature so that employees and management can communicate through data feeds, location mapping, itinerary sharing, detect risk, get alerts and more.
  • This software can notify you the real-time flight alerts if it is cancelled, delayed, or changed.
  • The presence of Concur TripIt makes it easier for you to make travel planning simpler because with it, you can book hotels, restaurants, events, flights and activities.

So, after reading the benefits above, you may now know whether you need it or not. However, if you think that it is still not enough, you can read reviews from other users below.

Reviews from Users

There are a lot of reviews from other users of SAP Concur on a number of websites such as GetApp and Capterra and here are some of them.

  • “We have saved significant time and money by using this software.

Pros: We have been using SAP Concur for more 3 year at my organization. It is one of the easy to use software and super user friendly. I would recommend this software to anyone trying to have time and money on Travel and expense management.

Cons: Layout of the software is little old. Need to update it to 2019.” -Kunal D.

  • “It gets the job done and gets me my money back, but it’s not pretty. Other systems out there may not be as powerful, but they don’t kill my spirit when I use them.

Pros: It connects with external systems well and allows me to easily import in expenses. This saves a ton of time of having to manually type in my expense details.

Cons: When you do have to enter information, it is PAINFUL. The interface looks old and messy, and adding images and receipts is a unnecessarily difficult process due to bad thumbnails and image viewing.” -Mark T.

  • “Overall: Helps in Quick and easy approval workflow management, Interface is easy to interpret, hence speeds up the expense reporting process. History reporting feature is also very useful.

Pros: Concur allows easy expense management by providing easy interface and quick receipt upload functionality

Cons: Sometimes Concur is slow based on the load” -Uddipan M.

  • “Overall: Our company uses SAP Concur to handle all of its travel and expense requests. It’s unique to each trip and gives the Accounts team lots of specifics to double check. Total distance can be calculated using a margin calculator that displays the shortest route using Google Maps.

Pros: In order to keep track of company expenditures, we have adopted SAP Concur. Keeping tabs on costs is greatly simplified. It records every purchase made with our credit cards, notifies its users, and prompts them to submit an expenditure report.

Cons: It’s important to note that there are obstacles or restrictions I face when utilizing SAP Concur. For example, the learning curve involved with implementing new software can be steep.” -Courtney S.

So, do you think that SAP Concur is worth it for your company? If you think that it is worth it and your company will be suitable to use it since it needs it, you are able to use it. However, if you think that your company may not be suitable with the software, then you are able to find another alternative software.

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