How to Root Android Coolpad 3622A

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Do you have Android Coolpad 3622A? If so, you may think that your Android Coolpad 3622A cannot be rooted but you are very sick of bloatware and auto starting apps. Actually, Android Coolpad 3622A can be rooted. How to do that?

To root your Android Coolpad 3622A, you have to download WolffDroids SuperSu replacement files. Then, download ES File Explorer and go ahead. Run it and you need to make sure that it opens in the background. Now, follow directions of WolffDroids. You have to copy over the files from WolffDroids zip to /sdcard/ and then make sure these files indeed copied. After that, you need to follow Wolffdroids directions again where you have to open Terminal Emulator and run the script.

Before you go to the next step, it is important for you to do it as quick as possible else you risk chance of the Coolpad handset rebooting. If it happens, you need to do all the steps again. Okay, now you will see a lot of failures. Almost every line will b a failure. If you see that the script comes up to have hung, the script should be on the last step. After that, toggle over to ES File Explorer immediately and at the bottom, there will be newly created files. You need to do is to click on superusers.apk install and update binaries. If it does not show, it navigates the File Browser to the mrw directory, choose superuser.apk, press install and then update binaries. Now, you have to install as / system if you like and then reboot. Once booted check and make sure you have root and also supersu is running. Now, you need to clean up any files that you do not want. Well, rooting your Coolpad is done.

If you think that the process above is complicated, then you are able to try to root your Android Coolpad 3622A using Kingroot App. How to root Android Coolpad 3622A using Kingroot App? Follow the instructions below. 

  • First, you have to download and install Kingroot apk file.
  •  After you download the app on your android, then tap the app for installation.
  • Before you install Kingroot app, the app will require your permission since you ar installing a custom app. So, when you get a pop up prompt message that will appear as Install Blocked, you just have to go to Settings and then tap on Unknown Source.
  •  In this stage, the app will start to install. If the app has been installed, it will open and then you have to tap on button One Click Root.
  • If the process is done, your phone will be rooted. When rooting process, you need to be patient because it may take up to 30 minutes. You also need to make sure that your phone does not connect to the internet during rooting process.

Well, you are able to decide which methods that you will use to root your android. If you still face problem, you are able to come to the forum of XDA developers and tell about your rooting problem. 

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