Download Kingroot Apk for Android 4.2.2

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Kingroot is an application that you are able to use for rooting your android in only a few seconds. As long as your android system is between android 4.2.2 to android 5.1, you are able to use this application for rooting. This application works like Towelroot but it can also be used in Lollipop OS.

Kingroot is a rooting application which provides you the easiest and fastest one click root solution for your Android. This app will be able to detect your Android version automatically and then find the vulnerability of your device. If your device is vulnerable, then the app will root your device and it is only one click.

Do you know what are the features of this app? In the list below, you are able to see the features of Kingroot app.

  • This app is the most popular root tool available for android and there are a lot of people who use it.
  • If you want to root your android or tablet with this app, you do not need any PC.
  • This app is able to root a total of 104136 devices.
  • Kingroot is a trusted tool. It does not collect any suspicious information data.
  • The reason why this app is the most popular one click root apk is because it has a success rate of 98%.

However, before you decide to root your android, there are several notes that you need to know. Here they are.

  • If you root your android device, the device warranty which is provided by the manufacturer will be lost.
  • Your device is able to be bricked or unusable. Because this process is risky but most of the cases are free of risk.
  • After you root your device, you have to be careful.
  • You are able to unroot your device whenever you want.

If you want to download the Kingroot app, one of the sites that you are able to access is . On this site, you are able to download the Kingroot app. When we accessed this site, the app version which is available is Kingroot 5.3.7 and it is suitable for android 4.0 and above. So, if your android system is 4.2.2, you are able to download and use this Kingroot version. It is also important for you to know that the size of the file is 20.46 MB.

How to download it? If you want to download it on  site, you just have to access the Download menu at the top of the screen. And choose Download Kingroot submenu. When you are in the Kingroot download page, you will see the latest version of Kingroot which is 5.3.7 that we explained earlier. So, just on the Kingroot 5.3.7 APK Download button to download it. But, if you need the older versions, there are some options including Kingroot 5.3.6 APK Download, Kingroot 5.3.1 APK Download, Kingroot 5.3.0 APK Download, Kingroot 5.2.2 APK Download and Kingroot 5.2.1 APK Download. Just click on the button of the version that you want to use to download it and enjoy!

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