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Is Coolpad 3622A your android? If your android is Coolpad 3622A and then you think to root this device, you are able to do that. You want to do this but you do not know how to download the app and root your device. Do not worry because we are going to explain about it here.  

You are able to root your Android Coolpad 3622A by using Kingroot App. Kingroot is a simple application that can be used to enable you to get root access on your device in only several seconds. This app works like Towelroot but it can be used in the Lollipop operation system. Kingroot is one of the popular root apps because this root is easy to use. With Kingroot, you are able to root your device just in one click.

But, before you root your device, you need to know that rooting process is dangerous. So, you need to be careful and also you need to know the risk of it before you root your device. Here, we inform you some risks that you will face after you root your device.

  • Rooting android will void the warranty of your phone.
  • Rooting process involves the risk of bricking your phone.
  • Your android may experience poor performance.
  •  Your android can get viruses.

However, there are some advantages of rooting android.

  • You are able to run special apps.
  • You are able to remove pre-installed apps.
  •  You are able to free up memory
  •  You are able to custom ROMs.

How to root Android Coolpad 3622A using Kingroot App? Follow the instructions below.

  • The very first thing that you need to do t root your Coolpad 3622A, you have to download and install Kingroot apk file.
  •  After you download the app on your android, then you have to tap the app for installation.
  • Before you install Kingroot app, the app will ask your permission since you are installing a custom app. So, when you get a pop up prompt message that will come up as Install Blocked, you just have to go to Settings and then tap on Unknown Source.
  •  Now, the app will start to install. If the app has been installed, it will open and then you have to tap on button One Click Root.
  • If the process is complete, your phone will be rooted. When rooting process, you need to be patient because it may take up to 30 minutes. You also need to make sure that your phone does not connect to the internet during rooting process.

The process of rooting is very easy to do. Make sure that you read the advantages and also the disadvantages of rooting your device before you root your phone. So, you will know the risk of doing rooting to your device and you will not regret it. If you face something wrong when you root your device, you are able to read other articles about Rooting in this site. 

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