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You may come here to find about Coolpad 3622A manual. Well, you come to the right site because in this article we are going to inform you about it. If we talk about technology such as a new phone, usually we will need a manual since we are still strange with the device.

When we have a new phone, usually we will be afraid of pressing any button because we are afraid of making mistakes that can effect to the work of the new phone.

So, when you buy a Coolpad Catalyst 3622A, you will get everything you need to get started in the box. What are they? There will be Coolpad Catalyst, USB sync/ charge cable, AC adapter, quick start guide and also safety and warranty information. As mentioned above that when you buy a new phone, you will be afraid of pressing any button. So, here we have an information about the buttons in your Coolpad 3622A and its functions.

  • Power. This power button can be used to turn your phone on or off by pressing and holding it.
  • Recents. This button is used to turn on or lock the screen.
  • Home. This button is used to return to the Home screen and you are able to tap this button. You can also tap and hold this button to activate Google Search.
  • Back. This button is used if you want to return to the previous screen.
  • Volume. To adjust the phone volume, you can press this button.  

When you turn on your new device for the first time, you will see a setup wizard to help get you started. How to setup your new device? You need to make sure that the battery and SIM card of your device are inserted. If you are sure that both of them inserted, you need to choose your language and tap Next in the Welcome screen. Then, choose or set up a Wifi network. If a wifi network is not available, you can tap skip. After that, sign in or create a new Google account. Tap Accept to agree to the Terms of Service of Google. After that, select to restore your device from a previous backup or set up as a new device and then tap Next. Now, tap Set Screen Lock Now to protect your phone. And then, choose from the following: Pattern, PIN, and Password. In this stage, you have to enter your pattern, PIN or password and then tap Next.

Now, confirm your pattern, PIN or password and then choose the notification security including “Show all notification content”, “Hide sensitive notification content” or “Do not show notifications at all” and then tap Next. Then, you have to view Google’s services and then tap More to scroll down and tap Next. Now, you have to Check or Un-check to permit T-Mobile to collect Diagnostic data and then tap Next. After that, you have to tap Accept/ Decline to T-Mobile’s Connection Assistant and then tap Accept/ Decline to T-Mobile’s special offers. Now, your Coolpad 3622A is ready to use.   

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